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Design For All:

What is Design for all?

The assortment aesthetic runs hand-in-hand with the full in-store Cat & Jack assortment. We have extended into other in house brands as well such as Goodfellow & Co., and A New Day. Our mission is to design inclusive, functional, fashionable and accessible clothing for people living with disabilities. We will design engineer styles that already exist within owned brands (styles/fabrics/colors) with alternate openings for easy on and off, etc. There might be some instances where there might be an adaptive style that will not be part of the current assortment. We will then leverage existing fabric and vendors. ​

Who is involved

We are a volunteer Cross functional Team who interviews, researches and iterates to ensure we are designing and offering the best product(s) to our guest. We are devoted to helping families with disabilities. Our Cross Functional Team includes: designers, tech designers, project managers, sourcing, packaging, buyers, merchandisers, and trim specialists.

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